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Some stills from the news, of Takamiy flying during LONG WAY TO FREEDOM, dressed as a Halloween decoration. At one point in the middle of the song he yelled “HELP MEEEE” haha.

Also bbs got on the news. This is the concert I was at for 2 days *__* 

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We are ALFEE
Almighty Folk Band
Oh!! Good Looking Super Band

A really old ALFEE song where they sing about themselves and sound like The Bee-Gees lol. Super cute.

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I AM SUPER SORRY I do not know how it happened but

somehow I followed some rp blogs

and I don’t remember doing so like wow maybe I was high 

either way you don’t have to follow me back if you followed me because I’ll unfollow lol

i’m sure you don’t wanna see me blog nothing but a 60 year old nerd and texts from the x files

Seriously the best. day. ever.

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